The Knowhow Company is PioneeringProfessionalInnovativeResults OrientedCompetentbusiness consulting and training provider in Egypt

We offer our KnowHow on three aspects. Training "Transfering KnowHow", Consulting "Utilizing KnowHow" and Outsourscing "Building on our KnowHow"

Corporate Training

“You’ve Got The Talent…. We’ve Got The KnowHow”

Organizations want employees engaged with their mission, values and vision and who have the skills needed to improve performance. Updating employees’ skills and preparing them for career advancement not only provides a better-trained and more productive work force. It also generates higher employee satisfaction and retention.

We provide practical and useful tools to make the job of training at all levels in the organization easier and more impactful. Above all, we want to share our expertise and passion for transferring the knowhow to help organizations improve performance and close the skill gap!

Today more than ever, organizations need a high-functioning corporate training partner to help close the ever-widening skills gap that threatens their ability to compete. Understanding this challenge, we built our brand name “The KnowHow Company” promising to transfer the KnowHow of things and not to cover only the knowledge of the topics.

Marketing Consulting Fields

Marketing Outsourcing

“You should never go to battle before you’ve won the war on paper” 

Hiring the right people is extremely challenging specially for SME’s. Usually, the tradeoff that faces SME’s is either to hire very expensive senior marketing professional, or to hire a fresh grad that will get lost with no one to coach him and guide him, resulting usually that the CEO is the one taking care of marketing activities himself.

We – at TKHC – can help you will help you stop doing the things that are better handled by others. In fact, we might just help you become the CEO again!


By outsourcing your marketing department to The KnowHow Company you will get complete marketing team to handle all your marketing operations with extremely affordable rates. you no longer need to spend crazy amounts on advertising budget nor you have to hire full team that you don’t need all the time. 

“Ask for your free consulting session now”

Digital Marketing Services

Our Values


Our business has been built on the long-term relationships we have nurtured with both our corporate clients and candidates.  We believe such relationships must be based on integrity, trust, and mutual respect.


We promote a spirit of entrepreneurship in all of our consultants. We balance a willingness to take on new challenges with an emphasis on considering risks in a prudent and clear-sighted way.


If a corporate strategy is not enjoyable and rewarding, it will be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to implement.


The integrity of our business is based on a solid foundation of honest practices and transparency. We refuse to engage in unfair business practices aimed at obtaining a particular contract or advantage.


In proposing our consultants to clients, we believe in quality over quantity.

Team spirit

It is important to us that our clients, employees, and partners understand that they are working for mutual benefit, through times of success and difficulty.

"If you can't explain it to a 6-year old, you don't know it yourself."

"Albert Einstein"

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